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The Brighter Life Labs Diagnostics Complete Thyroid Panel provides a robust look at thyroid hormone production and metabolism, as well as overall health by including a comprehensive metabolic panel, a complete blood count with differential, a lipid profile, hemoglobin A1c, vitamin D, C-Reactive Protein, along with a urinalysis.  The thyroid portion of this panel includes TSH, free thyroxine index, T3 uptake, total and free T4, and T3, reverse T3, thyroglobulin antibody (Tg-AB) and thyroperoxidase antibody (TPO-Ab).


The lipid panel measures overall cholesterol levels in the body.  Lipids are various forms of fat in the body and include cholesterol types. Higher levels of low-density lipoprotein are associated with an increased risk of a heart attack.  Thyroid dysfunction can also impact serum lipid levels.

The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) is a combination of 14 health tests. The 14 measurements included in the CMP provide a glimpse into the health of the body, its metabolism, and chemical balance.  The CMP can also aid in determining how the liver and kidneys are functioning and where glucose, calcium, Protein, sodium, potassium, and chloride levels stand.

The Complete Blood Count with Differential helps to give an overall view of general health and screens for a broad scope of diseases and conditions, as well as the body's ability to defend against infection.


The Comprehensive Urinalysis with Microscopic Examination is also an essential part of this panel.  A urinalysis is vital to assess the chemical constituents in the urine and the relationship to various disease states. A microscopic examination can detect the presence of abnormal urine cells and formed elements. Overall, the urinalysis can detect abnormalities in the urine, which helps assist in the diagnosis of renal diseases, urinary tract infections, urinary tract neoplasms, and systemic diseases.

Vitamin D has received widespread attention for its potential role in preventing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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